The experience is extraordinary. The staff are extremely pleasant and very helpful. They are very professional in every sense of urgency when it comes to booking your appointment and even getting what you need done. I highly recommend this place for anyone that needs dental work done. I look forward to my next appointment with this extraordinary staff. Thank you SunWest Dental!
Theodore L.
I am very excited I went to SunWest Dental, my first visit was a great experience, the Doctor & staff put me at ease right from the start which helped to calm all my dental fears from past experience. They went over my insurance benefits with me and helped establish a plan of care so I could get the work done I desperately needed. This is one of the best practices I have been to in a long time. They really care about their patients.
Rhonda M.
I have to say that going here for the first time was a great experience. Upon walking through the door to the entire staff. Everyone was really nice. I got my teeth cleaned and the hygienist did an amazing job and was super nice. I will be going back for the whitening treatment in a few weeks which I've heard can make you achieve great results immediately. Thank you SunWest Dental for a great first time experience.
Ruben M.
Probably the best Dentist I’ve been to! The hygienist that works on my pearly whites is beyond fabulous! The dentist as well is extremely fantastic. The front desk and the rest of the staff really bring the place together. Each one is incredible. Much appreciate you all. Thanks for taking amazing care of my teeth. 10/10 would recommend not everyone!!
Ryan O.
Affordable even without insurance. Friendly staff from front to back. The lady that handles dentures is super nice and knows what's she's doing. A surgeon at a different location messed up my first denture but she fixed it enough to use and was quick to get a new one made. And she's been quick about getting me in for adjustments. Highly recommend this place.
Louie I.
They are always very friendly here. I have never had a problem with the dentist or anyone at SunWest. They are always welcoming, and always willing to work with you. I am glad that I found a Dentist with a team that actually cares about people, not just the dollar signs. I would recommend this practice to whom ever needs dental work.
Dawn P.
They were fast, efficient, professional, and friendly. They filed insurance and did not charge me for the item not covered. There was no out of pocket cost. Of the four dentists in Buckeye that I have gone to, this is the one I would overwhelmingly encourage you to go to.
Jack M.
Extremely satisfied with SunWest Dental so far. I had to change dentist when I joined Medicare which put me in a poor attitude with the hassle but have been extremely satisfied. Most thorough polishing I have ever had. Took their time and went back over each tooth. Great job!
Randall B.
I had family recommended me here. I’m happy with my visit. The dental hygienist was really nice. He showed me my xrays and pictures and talked to me through the whole visit. The Dentist was super nice and went over what will be done. The place is clean clean clean and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a great place.
Aly G.
Excellent staff, and dentists! This is the best experiences I have had in getting dental work. I’ve gotten work done that I had put off for years, due to my fear/dislike of dental work. The pleasant staff helps make a rough thing, a bit smoother. Dr. Fazoli is the best dentist I’ve seen in my 57 years. She takes the time to do the job right, and painless as possible. Highly recommend.
Everyone was professional and concerned about my condition. Glad they take my dental insurance and they prepared a complete detailed list of what needs to be done and patient costs, insurance covered amount, and how much it would have been without insurance. I would recommend this dental office.
Diane C.
SunWest Dental staff are awesome! They provide financial services to help pay for all my dental work. I took my son there when he had a tooth ache and they scheduled him right away. They also have referrals for other dental work as well. Staff are very friendly and know me by name. Thanks Sunwest Dental!
Lori M.
My husband had a broken tooth and it had gotten infected. I was up all night trying to find a dentist that could see him in the morning. SunWest Dental was the only one who could see him that day. They made it very nice. Thank you Carmen for your help with the financial part. We will be back.
Caroylnn R.
I don't usually go to the dentist due to a traumatic experience when I was younger, but the staff and dentist here a Sunwest Dental have been great they put you at ease and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you all so much for your time and service with this scaredy cat.
Catherine K.
My dental exam visit at The SunWest dental office was awesome. From the minute I walked into the office I was welcomed. At check out they helped me with any questions that I had and they were very helpful with getting me scheduled for a follow up visit.
Ryan M.
From the time I walked into SunWest dental and left, I had an awesome experience. The front helped me so much with my insurance and went over my financial portion for treatment so I understood it perfectly. I have high anxiety going to the dentist but the hygienist made me feel so comfortable and was very gentle. The doctor was so easy going and did not make me feel guilty about waiting so long to come in. I highly recommend this office. Great staff and very friendly.
Lynn P.
Positive experience; my hygienist made me feel comfortable and responded with care to my concerns. She took the time to help me understand what was happening with my teeth. I definitely recommend her services. The dentist, manager and front desk receptionist were also very professional, friendly and helpful.
Kathryn R.
Every time I come into SunWest Dental I feel I am known along with the condition of my teeth and the care needed to keep a healthy smile. I am very particular about my teeth and dental work. I worried about finding an expert, efficient dentist and hygienist until I found SunWest Dental. Their work is outstanding! Thank you!
Sandy H.

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